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Roger Brown’s column just a dog whistle for the ‘woke’ left

Roger Brown’s column in the June 13 Sarasota Herald-Tribune was clever marketing: it affirmed the beliefs of its “woke” readers while compelling the “unwoke” to keep buying the paper so they can use its contents as an example of how far to the left the media has gone.The article started by comparing the “unvaccinated” – which is now a form of derision used by leftists – with the unemployed. The writer used the term “strutting” to describe the gait of the

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“Awake” at the school

Suppose you don’t watch any other of my videos. Watch this one and share it too. This exposes the “Cancel culture” of our Sarasota County School Board which is mirrored by many others throughout our Country. Listen to the contrast between how the Leftist Board Chairs react and the audible response of the audience. The tide is turning, and they should all be terrified. By the way, can you imagine low-energy Vern’ Buchanan turning up to support our Parental rights in

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Combating HB8 “Not all Brits are anti-gun twits”

Editor’s note: This guest column from Martin Hyde – an American businessman who immigrated from England to Florida 22 years ago – was written in response to an editorial from the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Reporting Project. Mr. Hyde is primarying Congressman Vern Buchanan, R-FL16, because of Buchanan’s support for HB8. by Martin Hyde USA – -( The article by “Sir Max” Hastings pontificating on things in my adopted homeland that aren’t his business rather proves that some Brits haven’t learned much since the

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